2018 Champions

Singles Main

In a thrilling international final after 11-11 in the 3rd leg Thierry Sarkissian beat Giovanni to win the Club Singles competition. A great game played in fine spirit and an appreciative audience. Well played and well deserved to both for reaching the final.

Singles Plate

Well done to Steve Richman beating Mike Curd in another very good competitive final. 

Drawn Pairs Main

Congratulations to Corrine Sarkissian and Keith Edwards for winning the Club Drawn Pairs Competition. They managed to beat Catherine Simpson and Thierry Sarkissian in a final that went 3 legs well into the cold and dark night earlier this week.

Well deserved and I’m sure you will join me in congratulating them when you see them.

Drawn Pairs Plate

Well done to Peter Dixon and Len West for winning the Plate Competition. They managed to beat Theresa Cogswell and Jonnie Phippen in the final earlier this week.

So that’s it for all the internal competitions this year, thank you for all taking part and I hope everyone enjoyed the journey. Again a very enjoyable yet very competitive competition with some superb performances during all 4 competitions. Well done to everyone for playing, coaching, watching and supporting our club. Thank you. 


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